What style of wedding To Choose

Wedding style is the inner world of the newlyweds. What style you choose for your celebration is up to you. We will tell you about the most popular destinations in the wedding world.

DJ for a wedding – how to choose it correctly?

To begin with, let's look at the difference between a DJ for a wedding and a club DJ. The club DJ mainly plays music of his own composition, well, in extreme cases mixes of famous hits, this is quite a peculiar music.

A wedding in blue tones is the style of aristocrats

The blue color is very suitable for wedding decoration. The huge variety of its palette allows you to create many beautiful combinations of shades: from sky blue to exquisite indigo or purple-violet.

Leading to the wedding, choosing a toastmaster for the celebration

Toastmaster (host) is a key figure in the organization and holding of your celebration. Throughout the evening, he makes sure that everything goes according to the planned scenario, creates a solemn one...

Cocktails for a wedding, for summer sultry celebrations

It doesn't matter where your summer wedding takes place, in a restaurant or outdoors, please your guests with first-class signature cocktails. Cocktails for a wedding are relevant on hot summer evenings, they will bring delicious coolness to your gala evening.
Cocktails for a wedding, for summer sultry celebrations
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